Susan and Norm are very easy to work with. They understood the needs of the business very quickly and got a handle on the people concerned with an uncanny accuracy! As the MD, they guided and coached me through a Vision process, making sure the follow-up was implemented and not lost in the day-to-day “stuff” of running a business. They were flexible and listened to our needs, but they were also proactive in offering ideas and sharing best practices. I am very appreciative of their contribution to the success of the business.

Ruth Newton Jones, Former MD of Christian Dior Perfumes and Cosmetics, UK and Ireland

I worked with Lumiere over a four-year period in three different areas, Vision & Priorities, Talent Assessment, and Coaching. Each of these activities played an important role in my personal success as well as for the large account that I was managing. The Vision that Lumiere helped us design and implement was realised. As a result, the client that the Vision was about, became the third largest account in our firm globally. When Lumiere conducted the Talent Assessment, each member of my leadership team valued what they learned about themselves as well as how it contributed to the development of our team. And I personally received great value from the coaching that I received at a critical juncture in my career. Regardless of what the challenge was, Susan and Norm understood our needs and responded in a way which always surpassed our expectations.

Pat Humphrey, Senior Managing Director, Accenture

I have greatly valued working with Susan and Norm for over 10 years on a myriad of projects including Relationship Selling, Vision and Priorities, Emotional Intelligence, Power and Influence, Creativity, Team Building, Interpersonal Style and Talent Assessment. Across several leadership teams, Lumiere has been an important resource for me in creating objectives and generating buy-in from the team, building unity and enhancing team spirit, maximizing the performance on the teams, and strengthening our relationship skills with our clients. One of the reasons that I have continued to work with Susan and Norm over the years is that they not only have a remarkable ability to understand our needs and formulate a way to help me achieve my objectives, but that they have always done this with creativity and a sense of ‘pizzazz’.

Senior Executive, International Bank

I have worked with Lumiere over several years, and they have been a tremendous resource in addressing a variety of “people” and “directional” challenges that we have had in a number of BPO teams across Europe. They have brought great understanding, creativity and commitment – and results! – on projects that they have designed and implemented. Some of their most important projects with us have been on forging a new vision and success plan, building leadership effectiveness, and improving presentation skills for client visits. I have been very grateful to Norm and Susan for being my ‘gurus’!

Paul van Beveren, Managing Director, Accenture

The heart of any business is its people, managers and leaders. Whether defining a vision for a business strategy or creating an account plan for a complex, challenging client, Lumiere’s focus is on communication between individuals and maximizing clarity of purpose, language and approach in order to achieve an outcome for all parties. I’ve seen this happen repeatedly in my organization through their thorough understanding of my requirements, challenging our assumptions, and creating a customised agenda for each situation. Lumiere’s consultants always ensure that everyone is engaged and committed.

Executive Vice-President, EMEA Sales, Software Company

I have worked closely with Lumiere for several years and would strongly recommend their executive leadership services to companies who want to grow quickly and compete effectively in today’s markets. Our executive team has participated in several training programs and, as a result, become better managers with regard to goal-setting, developing talent, and growing their businesses more quickly.

President Securities Finance, Financial Services, Global Software Company

In my experience of working with Lumiere over the past four years, I’ve always found that Norm and Susan are user-friendly, listen carefully to my needs, and formulate a multi-faceted approach which has greatly assisted me in meeting my objectives. Lumiere’s programs have given the individuals on my team greater self-awareness and have improved team dynamics. Lumiere has helped me as a business leader to select better candidates for hiring, and they have also helped me obtain better results, by equipping me – while under tremendous pressure – to more effectively manage a geographically dispersed and culturally diverse team.

President Post-Trade, Financial Services, Global Software Company

We’ve been delighted with Norm and Susan’s contribution to our leadership programme over many years. They consistently develop their material, listen carefully to our particular needs and offer first-rate training that makes a difference.

James Lawrence, Executive Director, Arrow Leadership Programme

When I came to this event, I was probably the most sceptical person in the room. Now I can honestly say that, in my twenty-five years in this business, I have never attended a course as valuable as this one.

Industrial Chemical Executive

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