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Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Is there any hope for a manager or salesperson who is technically competent, but no one wants to interact with him?

Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

How can you make a technically competent person user-friendly? When people have to deal with defensiveness, controlling behavior, irritability, insensitivity, etc., they may well turn off in spite of the technical competence of your team member.

But there is good news. Research by Daniel Goleman, who coined the term “Emotional Intelligence”, says that, unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence can be learned. Furthermore Goleman states that, for leaders, Emotional Intelligence is more important than I.Q, education and job experience combined.


Lumiere’s Increasing Emotional Intelligence is designed to help senior client executives and leadership teams develop their Emotional Intelligence. The program includes a tool to measure Emotional Intelligence and its components. We examine the mindset and the behaviors associated with Emotional Intelligence and help participants become more conscious of existing and desired skills. We then assist in developing new Emotional Intelligence capabilities.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and use emotional information. Goleman breaks Emotional Intelligence into four principal components: Self Awareness, Self Management, Empathy and Social Skills, and Lumiere helps you to enhance all four.


Each participant will come away with a deeper understanding of how he/she can develop their Emotional Intelligence and use it in their leadership and/or client-facing roles. Participants will experience increased motivation to improve their Emotional Intelligence and have a practical approach to follow.

  • I am very analytical and fact-oriented. Learning about Emotional Intelligence made me understand how important it is and how much I lack it! I really appreciated the insights that I received from the session, especially regarding empathy and methods to improve it.

    Sales Executive, Global Software Company
  • I know I need to increase my Emotional Intelligence and was very encouraged to hear that it is possible! It was very helpful to learn about the components of Emotional Intelligence as well as the mindset and behavioral changes one can make to improve in each area. I think it will help me interact more effectively with this team and my clients.

    Senior Executive, Global Management Consulting Firm
  • This session made me realize that Emotional Intelligence is absolutely key. You can give our challenges different names, but it comes back to Emotional Intelligence. I now feel better equipped to address some of the issues that I am facing.

    Senior Executive, Financial Services, Global Consulting Firm
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