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Consultative Selling

How can our salesforce distinguish themselves in their relationship-building and influencing in order to win more business?

Consultative Selling


To enable participants to win more business through a better understanding of win-win engagement with prospects/clients.

Process / Topics

Principles and skills are presented in a highly participative manner. The session is a stimulating blend of listening, discussions, practice exercises with feedback, reflection and action-planning. The key topics include:

  • Building trust
  • Identifying the needs and views of a prospect/client
  • Recognizing the interpersonal preferences of the prospect/client
  • Making recommendations that the client sees as high-value solutions
  • Expertly navigating the field of influencers and decision-makers
  • Earning the right to influence key players to commit to the sale.

The traditional pushy sales approach will be contrasted with a proactive, win-win model where the participant learns how to truly engage the client as a trusted advisor and guide the buying process.

Payoff / Benefits

Participants adopt a more client-centered focus and increase their confidence to expand their relationships, with both existing clients and new prospects. Through Consultative Selling, sales increase and client relationships expand.

  • I really like the theme of being more client-focused. I believe that the tools will help me plan more effectively for meetings and to identify the ‘stage of readiness’ of the clients.

    Creative Director, International Design Firm
  • We are usually technically-oriented, and, when we meet with clients, that is our focus. The workshop really helped me think about the importance of building relationships. Competence is usually a given; the most important thing is establishing trust.

    Senior Executive, Global Management Consulting Firm
  • We learned several useful methods and tools. It’s amazing how big the gap is between theory and practice. I appreciated the opportunity to practice what we learned with actual clients.

    Senior Manager, Global Management Consulting Firm
  • We have quadrupled our business in the past year. There’s just one reason for that, our focus on relationships. The program you have provided, the training workshops, the coaching, and the sales strategy sessions, have been absolutely central to that focus.

    Senior Executive, Financial Services, Global Management Consulting Firm
  • We have a very substantial client today, and I don’t believe that relationship would exist if we hadn’t done this relationship training. I have realized more than ever before how important it is to get to the very top.

    IT Executive
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