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Best-Fit Deployment

How can I know if I have the right people in the right places to maximize results?

Best-Fit Deployment


Making the right choice in deploying talent is a tough challenge for a manager. All too often someone gets promoted into a position that is the right level, but the wrong fit in terms of skills and aptitude. Not only does the business suffer, but the person feels like a ‘square peg in a round hole’.


Lumiere enables managers to more effectively deploy the right people to the right roles. We use a powerful suite of talent and temperament recognition instruments to provide sharp insights into the aptitudes and attitudes of employees, factors that are difficult to recognize through observation alone with sufficient certainty, clarity, or depth. The tools can be used to:

  • Ensure natural abilities are being used in the best way possible
  • Identify high-potential candidates for given roles
  • Determine the suitability of a candidate for a promotion or change in role.

Employees take an on-line survey, and an extensive report is generated with important feedback on eighteen business-relevant aptitudes and attitudes. An expert helps each participant and the manager better understand the reports, and recommendations are made, based on the information.


The manager receives insightful information regarding individual strengths and potential development areas, as well as group dynamics. The results are presented graphically which helps give a vivid picture of the individual and/or team’s strengths and challenges. The manager can then make important decisions regarding how best to deploy his team members.

  • This exercise has been very helpful in assisting me to reconfigure my team. I have already made staff changes as a result of seeing the profiles of the leadership team. The graphic representation that you presented really brought to light some of the challenges that we are experiencing. I am looking forward to the team session to help change some of the team dynamics.

    Managing Director, Global Strategy, Global Management Consulting Firm
  • After several years of working with this senior colleague, and many conversations about things he needs to address, your tools and your counsel have created a real break-through. This was the first time he recognized the issues and the first time that his motivation to change was coming from within.

    Senior Executive, Financial Services, Global Consulting Firm
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