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Why should you choose Lumiere?

Focus on the People Side of the Equation

One of Lumiere’s specialties is in equipping organizations in people skills. Whether the objective is to formulate a new strategy, boost morale, equip top performers to lead or manage, connect with existing clients or develop new business, Lumiere helps organizations leverage their potential through their greatest asset: their people.

Multi-Faceted Approach to Human Performance

We design our work to:

  • Address both mindset and behavioral change of individuals.
  • Create change at multiple levels of the organization.
  • Establish new practices and procedures that support desired change.

Assurance of Long-Term Impact

We understand that no single event will create lasting change. Therefore we have devised proven methods of group and individual reinforcement to ensure strong, sustained results.

Creating a Common Language

We provide your people with a common language in the workplace which enables teams to strategize and problem-solve much more effectively. This also provides a powerful day-to-day reinforcement of the new ideas and skills that have been learned.

Measurement of Results

We work with you to measure results and to demonstrate a significant return on investment.

Focused on Your Unique Situation

We make no assumptions about your needs or about which solutions would help you. Instead we listen to you to identify your priority issues and design solutions that will deliver strategically important results.

Common-Sense Methods

The skills and approaches we implement are natural and intuitive. People adopt them because they see that the methods help them to perform at their best and still allow them to be themselves.


We have repeat business with virtually all of our clients because, we not only get the desired results, but they see us as effective partners.