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The Effective Manager

How can I equip my managers to focus on achieving results through others, creating a productive work culture, and addressing performance issues effectively?

The Effective Manager


Often individuals are promoted to management positions but have had no training or experience in leading others. The Effective Manager focuses on a wide range of challenges that managers face, particularly in striving to guide others to high performance. It provides a confident mindset and practical tools that will increase the productivity of their people and build positive morale which generates commitment, rather than mere compliance, on their teams. This program can be customized to both new and experienced managers.

Process / Topics

The learning experience includes presentations from seasoned management trainers, small-group exercises, full-group discussions, memorable animations, and a guided personal inventory and action plan. Topics included in the workshop are:

  • Creating a Positive Work Culture
  • Delegation
  • The Power of Purpose
  • Engaging Your People with a Mission
  • Establishing Goals and Expectations
  • Communication
  • Providing Feedback
  • Problem Solving

Payoff / Benefits

Graduating managers come away with a clear framework and skill-set for becoming the best managers they can be and a specific action plan for immediate application.

  • I learned that focus is so important in my communications. I hadn’t thought of the fact that, when I multi-task during a conversation, it can be perceived that I’m not paying attention. It was also great to learn about how to give positive and corrective feedback. I now have some really strong tools to use.

    Manager, Global Software Company
  • It was great to get key, effective, yet simple, tools to help manage my team which I will also use in managing customer relationships. I liked the balance between theory and practice. It was time well spent.

    Manager, BPO Company
  • I realized that the manager has to take responsibility. So, when communicating, I’m going to use active listening, and avoiding looking indifferent or unmoveable. We live in a very fast-paced world. We don’t take enough time. I can’t be effective as a manager if I’m not taking the time out from out writing an email, etc. to work something out with a person, especially if it is a valuable employee I don’t want to lose.

    Manager, Global Software Company
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