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Win-Win Negotiations

It’s important for a few of us to be good at big, difficult negotiations with clients and vendors.

But many of our people face smaller, internal, and frequent negotiations, repeatedly with the same people! How the last negotiation ended substantially influences how the next one will go.

How can we get our people to maximize results while maintaining a sense of win-win?

Win-Win Negotiations


Lumiere’s Win-Win Negotiations program is designed to greatly improve negotiations with clients, suppliers, and colleagues. It aims to proactively move the focus away from defensive, ‘tug-of-war’ strategies to creative, mutually beneficial agreements. The program is based on the latest findings of top international negotiators and researchers at the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Process & Content

Activities include presentation and discussion, small-group exercises, case studies, role-plays, and application to real-life negotiations. Topics include:

  • Managing Relationship Issues
  • Surfacing Needs and Wants on Both Sides
  • Making Win-Win Offers
  • Creating Rational Bridges on Differences
  • Handling ‘Hard Ball’ Tactics
  • Closing the Deal

Payoff / Benefits

Participants learn to increase their negotiation effectiveness and significantly improve their overall results. This includes:

  • Financial and operational results
  • Mutual satisfaction
  • Expectations for the next negotiation
  • Stress levels and personal confidence
  • My biggest highlight from the session was that I learned that we have a lot more in common than we have differences [on our own team]. If we can maintain this level of energy and mutual respect, this will be a win.

    Senior Manager, Global Electronic Systems Company
  • I haven’t worked with any of the people on this team before. With what’s happened over the last couple of days in this session, I have confidence in these people with whom I will interact and that we’re going to do this. What’s going to come together is going to be pragmatic and objective. I’m confident we’re going to win this deal.

    Technical Lead, Global Electronic Systems Company
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