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Who Is Lumiere?

Lumiere is an international consulting firm that maximizes the performance of organizations by equipping and energising their people.

Creating Breakthrough Strategies

Strategy IconLumiere draws out the best thinking in all your teams, e.g. senior leadership, sales, product, and creates alignment and commitment among them for the best way forward.

Identifying The Right Talent

Talent IconLumiere enables you to assess your current human capital and the potential in new candidates, key traits that could make or break success. We counsel you on how to optimize talent and avoid costly pitfalls.

Optimizing Human Performance

Performance IconLumiere brings a new understanding of how to get things done through people. We unlock the attitudes and behavior that create lasting, productive relationships with clients and your own people.

About Our Company

Passionate about maximizing the performance of your company through your people.

Lumiere (French for ‘light’) was established in 2002 based on a passion for illuminating the human dimension in the creation of positive, sustainable results. Lumiere focuses on maximizing the performance of organizations by equipping and energizing their people.

One key to Lumiere’s success with clients is that we stay with them to see them through a change process, not relying on a single event to create lasting results. That support may involve personal coaching, team strategies, group reinforcement, and/or measurement methodologies.

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20 Professionals
5 Continents
40+ Clients
100+ Projects Delivered
About Our Experience

A highly experienced team that deliver results.

Lumiere’s professionals have extensive experience in delivering impressive results to companies in various industries around the globe. Activities and the mode of delivery are tailored to a firm’s unique situation.

Satisfied clients include Accenture, SunGard, IBM, Thales, Deutsche Bank, Christian Dior, Guerlain, BP, Motorola, Design Bridge, the UK Cabinet Office, and Wycliffe Hall at Oxford University.

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