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Personal & Professional Breakthrough

Many of our executives have unfulfilled potential. I think some of them would benefit from personalized help in focusing on their particular challenges and creating personal strategies to overcome performance obstacles.

Personal & Professional Breakthrough


Lumiere has extensive experience in providing executives and managers with individual coaching on a wide range of issues. The sessions are designed to help the coachee develop personalized strategies for addressing issues and provide accountability for implementing action steps that are agreed.


In an atmosphere of total confidentiality, challenges are explored regarding internal relationships, client situations, business strategies, personal performance issues, career, and lifestyle, enabling clear, new directions to be set in motion. Depending on the situation, we may use assessment tools and/or peer/client feedback to enhance personal insights.

Payoff / Benefits

Research shows that executive coaching is a powerful developmental vehicle to address individual performance issues. It provides guidance and motivation to act on crucial feedback that one has received from superiors and colleagues. It is especially useful for high-potential leaders to advance on a key skill, formulate a strategy for success, or address a performance gap.

  • I am so appreciative of Susan’s coaching at a critical point in my career. She gave me structure, focus, and confidence to take the steps that were essential for an important promotion. She helped me to see reality rather than what I’d been seeing within myself, which was a real breakthrough for me. And, very importantly, I sensed that Susan was personally attached to my success, which was a tremendous support.

    Pat Humphrey, Senior Managing Director, Accenture
  • I was always rated as a top performer by my client, but they accepted me reluctantly because I had the reputation of being difficult to work with. After receiving some coaching from Lumiere over a few months on how to come across more personably (instead of purely task-focused), my efforts to change paid off. I knew I had been successful when my client said, ‘Whatever our next assignment is, I want Georgia to be part of the team because our people like working with her!’

    Senior Manager, Financial Services, Global Management Consulting Firm
  • Thank you for your guidance and counsel. I am at a point in my career where I have to re-evaluate the direction in which I will go in the future in balance with my personal goals. The coaching was a turning-point for me. Now I have a plan with concrete action steps.

    Consultant to Major European Bank
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