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Effective Communications / Interpersonal Style

How can our team get much better at effectively influencing a broader range of people?

Handling difficult individuals & lowering tensions

Bridging communication gaps & organizational barriers

Making persuasive presentations

Achieving internal agreements & closing business

Effective Communications / Interpersonal Style


We are often so focused in meetings on what we are trying to achieve that we forget that there is a person on the other side of the desk, with a different personality and preferred approach to communication. Interpersonal Style is a simple and powerful tool to understand different personalities, temperaments, interpersonal preferences, motivations, etc., so that we can more effectively establish our credibility, build relationships, and influence others.


The workshop is conducted in a highly participative manner with illustrative dramatizations and videos, insightful small-group exercises, role-plays and personal application exercises. The topics include:

  • Introduction of the Interpersonal Style model
  • Understanding one’s own ‘Style’ (based on a computer-based assessment)
  • How to identify other peoples’ personality types
  • How to modify one’s behavior to create better communication with others
  • How to apply Interpersonal Style to all one’s current relationship challenges


This framework is a very important tool to improve relationships internally and with prospects/clients. Any group seeking to improve team dynamics will benefit from Interpersonal Style. The framework is also used extensively in sales training as an important tool to establish long-term relationships and to maximize sales success at every stage of the cycle.

Payoff / Benefits

Interpersonal Style provides:

  • A breakthrough understanding of relationship dynamics.
  • Powerful, yet simple, tools to substantially improve interpersonal relations.
  • The provision of a common language in a team to address relationship/communication issues.

It enables participants to shift from frustration and impatience to appreciation of differences and to communicate in a manner that elicits the same response from others. When relationship barriers come down, the possibilities for co-operation and productivity go way up! Internally and externally, costly delays are reduced and profitable co-operation takes place.

  • I liked the systematic analysis and how useable it is. It’s simple enough to use frequently. It’s a good ‘short-hand’ way of getting much more understanding of others.

    Manager, UK Government Cabinet Office
  • My highlight was having a practical framework to try to determine someone else’s ‘style’. I loved the section about managing the different ‘styles’, what you want to pay attention to and want to avoid.

    Sales Executive, Global Software Company
  • The Interpersonal Style session was very eye-opening; it helped me ‘connect the dots’. I’m going to identify the personalities of the people that I regularly deal with and map them; then I’ll work to bridge the gap between us, trying to be aware of my own ‘style’.

    Senior Manager, Global Software Company
  • What I like about IPS is that it’s so practical, you can apply it to your personal life, work, and client relationships. I am encouraging my team to use it all the time. I have been trying to push this down the whole organization.

    President, Securities Finance, Global Software Company
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