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Intelligent Recruiting

How can we maximise the likelihood that we are choosing the right person for the right job?

Intelligent Recruiting


Making the right decision in hiring is one of the most important, yet difficult, jobs of a manager. The resume/CV and the interview do not tell the entire story. Much of what the candidate is really like, self-management, emotional intelligence, stress coping, motivational drivers, teaming and conflict orientation, is unlikely to show up clearly in the conventional screening process. Yet it will certainly show up during the first year of working together, potentially in a destructive or unproductive manner. Hiring the wrong person is very costly in terms of time and money.


Lumiere enables leaders to more effectively identify the right people for management, sales, and customer service roles. Using a suite of talent and temperament recognition instruments, we equip management to hire the talent they need, avoiding costly mistakes. We provide reliable and relevant information about the individual’s inherent aptitudes and inclinations which will substantially influence his/her potential business performance in a particular environment.

A candidate takes an on-line survey, and an extensive report is generated, which gives vital feedback on eighteen business-relevant aptitudes and attitudes. An expert in interpreting the report reviews it with the hiring manager.


The reports from the assessments provide important information about a candidate which can easily be overlooked. By reviewing the information about the candidate’s personality traits, aptitudes and attitudes, and possibly comparing it to others on the team, the manager will obtain either confirmation of the intention to hire or red flags to check. Key information to aid in on-boarding is also provided. This process could save the organization huge amounts of time and money by preventing the wrong decision being made.

  • I use Lumiere’s MPP psychometric testing approach across an international salesforce of over 80 sales executives and managers, and we’ve now embedded it in both personal development and our recruitment process. MPP puts a spotlight on behaviour and attitude, and notably emotional intelligence, a critical strength in the world of complex solution sales and account management. The MPP is uncannily accurate — I have been quite amazed how the scores relate to individuals I have known for several years, reinforcing my own observations, and helping me understand what is best for them and their career with us. Similarly, for hiring, it’s a powerful tool to help recognize strengths and challenges in candidates that we’re interviewing, and it also helps us with the on-boarding process.

    Executive Vice-President, EMEA Sales, Software Company
  • It’s so interesting how the [psychometric tool] makes so many intangible characteristics much more concrete, things that you can’t quite put your finger on. It really brings issues to light that we sometimes miss in the interviews. It gives a much more rounded picture and has helped us make better hiring decisions.

    Chief Technical Officer, Financial Services, Global Software Company
  • The psychometric tool from Lumiere that we use has been a very important input both in raising red flags that need to be addressed prior to a hiring decision and providing confirmation for an attractive candidate.

    President Post-Trade, Financial Services, Global Software Company
  • We were very close to hiring a salesperson that made a very strong impression upon us. We did have some concerns about his not being enough of a team player–which would be a non-starter in this particular role–and the profile confirmed our concerns. On reflection, I think he could have been a pretty disruptive force, and it was very helpful to have the psychometric confirmation of what we were seeing. I believe we averted a painful and costly mistake.

    Sales Manager, Global Software Company
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