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Compelling Presentations

It is very frustrating when you have a great solution, but the presentation is weak. Too often we’ve gotten absorbed in our own agenda, forgotten to think where the audience is coming from, and missed the target.

Compelling Presentations


This Compelling Presentations program equips and motivates participants to design and deliver presentations with more impact, audience engagement, and confidence. Lumiere’s approach enables your audience to more clearly see the value of the solution being proposed, and to want to act on it.


Lumiere has assisted a broad spectrum of participants to improve their presentation skills from technical operators during a site visit to boardroom presentations.

Process / Content

The workshop uses a combination of instruction, individual and team coaching sessions, and videotaping. The content varies according to the need but includes topics such as:

  • Introducing yourself and your topic
  • Presentation structure, formulating and delivering key messages
  • Presenting your topic in a compelling and relevant manner
  • Engaging your audience in dialogue
  • Body language and tone of voice
  • Listening to and answering questions
  • Using supporting materials effectively

Payoff / Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Deliver a more coherent, impactful presentation
  • Build a stronger connection to the audience
  • Feel more confident and competent
  • I really like the presentation checklist that will remind me of various ways to improve my presentation and to stay focused on the client. I believe the information on messaging and the presentation structure will really help enhance my preparation for presentations.

    Senior Manager, Global Management Consulting Firm
  • I saw that the client focus is likely different from my own. Even though we’re doing the presentation for the client, we still tend not to focus on them as people. This is the most important learning for me today.

    Technician, Global BPO Company
  • The thing that I really appreciated about the session today that will help us do a more powerful presentation is the ‘Advocating Path’ because it gives structure to the whole presentation. This will keep me from saying so much and ensure that my key messages don’t get lost.

    Manager, Global BPO Company
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