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The Power of Creativity

How can we escape the rut of status quo thinking about critical business challenges?

The Power of Creativity


Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This thought is central to our design of the Power of Creativity session whose purpose is to help participants:

  • Realize the necessity of changing both mindset and behavior when formulating new strategies
  • Learn powerful new ways of tapping the creative potential of all members of a team
  • Shift the culture to regularly apply creative methods to day-to-day problem-solving


The Power of Creativity workshop is a highly practical learning experience. It includes:

  • Presentations on perspectives and methods for putting creativity at the center of our approach to issues and challenges.
  • Breakout sessions to apply new methods to address real-world challenges.
  • A structured planning process to continue to incorporate both brainstorming and analytical thinking to on-going problem-solving and to create practical goals and action steps


The potential benefits from the session are:

  • A breakthrough approach with fresh solutions
  • Higher productivity and cost savings
  • A culture of future-focused problem-solving
  • Morale and motivation increased
  • This approach is key to getting our people to think differently. I liked how I saw people working together in a much more collaborative and creative way. Having seen it as a participant, I now want you to run this session for my own leadership team to address the key challenges that our business is facing.

    Group President, Global Software Company
  • I loved how the process drove home the message that it’s okay to think differently and that the status quo will not allow us to grow in the manner that we are forecasting.

    Senior Manager, Global Software Company
  • The overall process moved us significantly forward in a couple of ways: it really helped us change our mind-set and gave us the impetus to define a new strategy and a new identity.

    Global Product Lead, Global Bank
  • The session gave us tangible inputs/tools/methods to change our culture and to improve our processes. I loved the brainstorming and collaborating.

    Senior Manager, Global Software Company
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