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Complex Decision-Making

How can we make game-changing decisions smarter and faster – and with greater buy-in?

Complex Decision-Making


What makes so much business decision-making complex and challenging?

  • Many and varied criteria
  • Very different options
  • Several people involved
  • Hidden agendas
  • Insufficient information

Does this sound familiar? Major decisions are frequently hampered by some or all of these complications.

The result? Costly delays, unproductive tension, and, often, a sub-standard decision which has long-term, costly consequences.


Lumiere’s Complex Decision-Making process enables the participants to identify all of the desired benefits of the decision and to assign appropriate weight to each. The process then allows them to assess each potential solution against each of those intended outcomes. By breaking down the decision-making into these components, due consideration is efficiently given to each issue, each option, and each decision-maker.


The process results in alignment on the outcome because the decision-makers were involved throughout on a rational basis, with every issue considered on its merits. While the process greatly enriches the rational element of the decision, the emotional element is also enhanced by the fact that everyone feels more included and that the decision was fair.

  • It was really enlightening to realize there were so many objectives that we were trying to satisfy in one decision. It forced issues to the surface that could have been overlooked–and helped us to come to grips with how each of our potential choices stacked up. Lumiere’s process, and their facilitation, enabled us to be more sure of the wisdom of our decision and of our alignment going forward.

    David Allmond, Strategic Marketing Consultant
  • I believe that our time together was extremely valuable. I learned much more about our products and the challenges that we face. I was actually surprised that we were able to get aligned around decisions that needed to be made and that we identified the next steps that needed to be taken.

    Senior Executive, Global Software Company
  • This meeting was more rational, constructive and fact-based than any that we’ve had before. I liked the transparency and the depth of the discussion and the openness and the frankness that we shared. I was pleasantly surprised by the progress we made.

    Product Manager, Global Software Company
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