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Leveraging the Strengths of Your Team

How can I be sure that I have identified and engaged all the key strengths on my team?

Leveraging the Strengths of Your Team


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” But how can you ensure this is true of the talent on your team? Could you improve your team’s performance through greater awareness of individuals’ strengths? The urgency of the moment may mask strengths in your team. Or you may not have found a way to give those talents full expression. Both productivity and morale can suffer unnecessarily.


Lumiere uses a suite of talent and temperament recognition instruments which provide keen insights into the aptitudes and attitudes needed in the various roles on a team. The tools provide reliable and relevant information about the individuals’ inherent inclinations which influence their performance.

Team members take an on-line survey, and an extensive report is generated with important feedback on eighteen business-relevant natural aptitudes and attitudes. An expert helps each participant understand the report, discussing strengths and potential development areas. Following the individual debriefs, a team debrief reveals the mosaic of natural strengths on the team and how the team can significantly improve their communication and effectiveness as a team.


The potential benefits of the Leveraging Strengths program are:

  • Team members realize their particular business-relevant traits, building motivation to excel.
  • They learn about areas that could benefit from additional effort to improve their performance.
  • Individuals gain greater confidence through the confirmation of their natural talents and aptitudes.
  • The team recognizes your support as a leader through the provision of this opportunity for personal and professional development
  • The team’s unity and mutual understanding are enhanced, and ways to leverage one another’s complementary strengths are identified.
  • The team session was a very important team-building exercise. My team members expressed appreciation, not only for gaining self-awareness, but also for the opportunity to increase their understanding of their fellow team members. In addition, you could see in the team session, that there was a deeper level of communication taking place, which contributed to addressing some key operational issues.

    Senior Executive, BPO, Global Management Consulting Firm
  • I gained an understanding of styles and aptitudes around me that I would never have thought of on my own. The open discussion was very good. It has been great to be in the same room together, some people I have never seen. I liked gaining an understanding of peoples’ different profiles.

    Senior Manager, BPO Financial Services, Management Consulting Firm
  • I wasn’t sure whether this leadership ‘team’ really meant anything as a team. After this session, I am now thinking about how we could actually make things happen. My highlight is that I can see how we can help each other. The fact that we were open enough to do this together gives me confidence that can happen.

    Senior Executive, Global Strategy, Management Consulting Firm
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