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Relationship Planning / Account Penetration

One of the toughest aspects of large, complex sales is keeping our own people co-ordinated and acting on the best intelligence we have. We need a process that everyone is committed to, and a way of mapping all the influencers.

Relationship Planning / Account Penetration


The Account Penetration workshop is a relationship strategy workshop conducted by Lumiere with a sales / account management team to improve their positioning and expand the business being done with a client.


Lumiere facilitates the group through a structured process of analysis and planning, assisting them to identify:

  • The scope of their opportunity
  • The decision-makers and influencers in the client company on a strategic map
  • The particular characteristics of each player (power, support of your company, agendas, personalities, stage in decision-making)
  • Methods for strongest improvement of positioning and for maximizing sales.

Proven frameworks and skills are explained and used to create this comprehensive strategy.

Payoff / Benefits

The key benefits of the session are:

  • A much clearer, prioritized understanding of the people and the issues to which you need to apply your energies
  • Optimal methods for teamwork and a clear action plan for influencing the client
  • A common language for future internal discussions
  • Tools for relationship planning in future opportunities
  • Significantly more business
  • I liked that we have a structure and process to follow. Mapping ‘power’ and ‘support’ was very important in creating a strategy for how we will approach the client. Also, identifying the clients’ interpersonal styles was very important. Both of these steps helped in understanding how we perceive the key stakeholders and what practical steps we need to take.

    Sales Executive, Global Software Company
  • We now have a much better understanding of our client and how to approach them in a more holistic manner. I believe going through this process helped each of us to know what actions we need to take in order to move the relationship forward.

    Account Manager, Global Software Company
  • I feel collectively we are going in the same direction. More importantly, we’re setting goals to move forward, which is a huge plus. It’s great to see that we all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

    Chairman, Large Design Firm
  • As a result of what you taught us, our team has ‘changed the game’ with our main client. We have used the trust-building skills you gave us with great effectiveness. Preparing for meetings with your frameworks is very helpful.

    Partner, Financial Services, Global Consulting Firm
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